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ReliAvail I.T. Company assists stakeholders with the evaluation, acquisition, integration and management of technology and telecommunications solutions.

The biggest part of what we do is listening to the business goals, pain points, and growth strategies that executive teams envision.

ReliAvail then works as a technology translator, matching those visions and goals with the appropriate technology, providers and telecommunications infrastructure that will support and grow our client’s businesses over the long term.

We are proud to offer examples of our expertise in the following areas of specialty:

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Call Center

Whether your organization has a 4-seat or 350-seat call center, you are well aware of the metrics and functions that must be in place to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, staff empowerment and productivity.

What if your organization could reduce call center hours by 17% each day, based on call volume? Can your existing system even tell you that this possibility exists?

Within 30 days of implementing ReliAvail’s telephony system, one lodging industry client was able to realize 17% cost savings, per day.

EVERY custom and COTS unified communications system comes with all of the following features included, at no additional cost:

  • Queues and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) enables routing of calls via a number of intelligent algorithms, including: simultaneous ring all, follow me (to cell phone, remote site, etc.), least recent call pickup, fewest calls answered, random, round robin with memory, round robin ordered, linear, weighted random, queue priority, pause / unpause agents, login / logout of queues, wrap-up time, busy agent ring or skip, etc.

  • Coaching Tools with Monitor, Call Recording, Whisper and Barge enable select and pre-authorized managers to listen in on calls while they happen or after they have taken place. During live calls, pre-authorized managers can utilize the whisper function to coach a new agent, without the remote caller hearing them. Alternatively, a manager could barge into a call, allowing both the call center agent and caller to hear the manager’s input to the conversation.

  • Advanced Call Detail Reporting (CDR) and Channel Event Logs (CEL) enable stakeholders to follow and improve upon the progression of calls throughout the system, from the time they are answered, until terminated. Powerful reports are included with every system, at no additional cost, including: time of day, day of week or date range call volume; extension or queue call volume; origination / destination; account code; duration; and disposition. Additionally, 3rd-party advanced call center tools are available, to include: tracking boards for agent / queues; advanced reporting on calls abandoned, total time on hold, total time to resolution, goal times, etc.

  • Text to Speech (TTS) and Speech Recognition (One-time UPGRADE) empower your new or existing telecommunications infrastructure to recognize the spoken word of your callers or to deliver data from real-time or relational database systems to callers in a variety of voices and languages.

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Advertising Tracking / Marketing Metrics

Practically every advertising executive or marketing sales rep will quote you the distribution figures for every single member who receives or views their publication. Practically speaking, all that you care about is how many of those prospects convert to customers and how much it costs your business to convert each of those customers.

If asked, would you able to determine, with exact certainty, how many calls you received from your latest billboard or magazine advertisement campaign? Is your marketing department empowered to know exactly which subway ad or telephone directory converts to the most sales?

ReliAvail is able to offer a powerful, non-proprietary and cost-effective way to deliver real-time marketing metrics, able to be exported and analyzed by powerful statistics engines like SAS®, SPSS and MATLAB®:

  • Dedicated phone numbers mean pinpoint campaign / ad origination accuracy (just $2 / month!)

  • Real-time provisioning of telephone numbers, within minutes in most cases

  • Real-time metrics, as calls happen – no more waiting for a statement

  • Computer-ready reports – compatible with any tool able to digest Excel or Comma Separated Value (CSV) files

  • Toll-free and local presence numbers in over 60 countries worldwide

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Telecommuting, Geographically-dispersed, Virtual Enterprise

SCENARIO A: Let’s say that your business is located in Chicago, but your growth plan is targeting buyers in Colorado. You recognize the value of having a local Colorado telephone number and decide to establish a number specifically for a major billboard that will run along the Denver stretch of Colorado’s Interstate 25.

  • How fast can your telephone company provide a local Denver number for the billboard?
  • How expensive is that local Denver, Colorado phone number and will the number be able to handle the amount of call traffic coming into it?
  • Will your local telephone company even be able to provide a telephone number for Denver, Colorado, since you are based in Chicago?
  • Will you be able to split test marketing effectiveness of north-bound billboards versus their south-bound counterparts?

ANSWER A: ReliAvail, in partnership with the largest wholesale Voice over IP (VoIP) carrier in the United States, can provision a local number in over 60 countries, within a matter of minutes. Numbers typically cost just $2 per month to acquire and hold, with extremely low per-minute or unlimited incoming call rate plans. Additionally, ReliAvail takes your business directly to the wholesaler, so you are not paying a middleman or broker fee, ever.


SCENARIO B: Your business is located in Pennsylvania. You just hired a new outside sales person in Hawaii and plan to open a new office based in Washington, DC within the next month. Your team members talk often throughout the day and you recognize that having a quality telephone connection is imperative to customer satisfaction, as is the ability to transfer, place calls on hold and conference call.

  • Will your sales person’s cell phone have good signal? Furthermore, the sales person will not be able to transfer or easily three-way call, and monthly bills will add up quickly. Also, it is a bad idea for customers to have your sales person’s direct cell phone number, should things not work out.
  • If your sales person is sick, how will calls be automatically forwarded to a backup person within the company?
  • Will your new D.C. office be connected and able to easily transfer calls or act as a backup call center site in case of outage at headquarters?

ANSWER B: In 2010, a startup lodging client of ReliAvail, Basic Overnight Quarters (BOQ), faced the situations and difficult questions posed above. By adopting a telephony solution developed, integrated and managed by ReliAvail, BOQ was able to realize significant improvements in business operations:

  • BOQ eliminated long distance calls and enabled state-to-state transfer of calls, via a multi-state telephone system connected via the Internet and fully encrypted via VPN. No longer did callers have to hang up and dial another number to reach another office, a major point of contention and customer shrinkage.
  • Agile business and workforce connection to the telephone system enables maximum productivity, reporting and call management. Now, a remote office is mailed a small piece of network equipment that simply plugs into the Internet connection, phones home via encrypted connection and voila!, telephones are on the corporate phone network.
  • Disaster recovery and backup is baked into the system. In cases of outages, natural disasters or workforce disruptions, calls are easily transferred and handled at another site, in another state or even another country. Calls can also be routed to multiple timezones depending on time of day, extending operations of the business, without requiring odd hours from the workforce.
  • Real-time reporting of how calls are being originated and processed, for instant managerial feedback and business process improvement.


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Least-cost Routing & Trunking Upgrades for Legacy PBX

Oftentimes, legacy PBX manufacturers require additional licensing for new trunk technologies like Voice over IP and SIP. Maybe you even have a PBX with a T1 or E1 PRI connection, but now want to augment your system with Voice over IP to increase flexibility and reduce cost.

ReliAvail has solutions and partnerships with leading providers in the United States and abroad, that allow us to bring least-cost routing and trunking upgrades to your legacy PBX system. Whether it is an Avaya, Mitel, Shoretel, Fujitsu, Cisco, NEC, Huawei, Siemans, Allworx or myriad of other phone system type, we can likely interface with it using inexpensive converters. Our technology even introduces the capability to report on calls in real-time, for little or no cost at all — where other vendors charge thousands of dollars for initial software purchase, along with yearly maintenance and ongoing licensing.

As an added bonus, our telecommunications systems allow your business to take advantage of multiple providers, using some providers for long distance and possibly others for local calls, maximizing your capacity and telecommunications savings each month.

Read about ReliAvail’s innovative VoIPEnable offering for legacy PBX here…

ReliAvail has a long list of satisfied customers who save hundreds of dollars each month, while enjoying increased capacity and resiliency of their telephone systems. Ask us about your situation and we can likely show savings of 40% – 60% EVERY MONTH.

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License Elimination & Feature Upgrades for Legacy PBX

ReliAvail’s custom PBX and COTS telecommunications systems can be used as total infrastructure replacements, or to augment existing telephony installations:

  • Enable features, without expensive licensing: provide voicemail, conferencing, follow-me to cell phone or call center stats on your legacy phone system
  • Teach an old dog new tricks by interfacing new technology to old PBX systems that cannot be upgraded, via converters like T1-to-SIP, Analog to T1, Analog to SIP, etc.
  • Monitor call quality and volumes on system not equipped or able to do so
  • Record, monitor, barge on calls using ReliAvail systems that require no expensive ongoing per-user, capacity or per-call fees
  • Enable secure teleworker connections without expensive licenses or upgrades to existing infrastructure; your staff can work anywhere in the world, while staying connected
  • Eliminate single point of failure through implementation of high-availability, redundant Asterisk telephone sytems

Read about ReliAvail’s innovative VoIPEnable offering for legacy PBX here…

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Eliminate Costly Fax Lines

ReliAvail’s FaxEnable offering allows SMB and Enterprise to eliminate costly dedicated analog fax lines, in favor of HIPAA and PCI compliant HTTPS faxing:

  • PCI & HIPAA compliant faxing via the secure HTTPS interface – the same technology your bank uses.
  • 99.93% reliability, even on large faxes because the system does NOT use T.38 or Fax over IP (FoIP); FaxEnable uses reliable PSTN connectivity.
  • 80% less than the leading "e"-fax solutions – you will likely need to send over 12,000 pages per month to break even with what you pay now for analog or "e"-fax services.
  • "Green" flexibility and accessibility since you do not need to scan in your printed pages; they are already in PDF format. Desktop PC faxing, fax-to-email and web fax are all included.
  • Keep using your existing fax machine so that you and your staff do not have to learn a complicated new process. Just cut the expensive phone cord!

Read about ReliAvail’s innovative FaxEnable offering for legacy fax machines here…

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